• Zone 1: Supple Top

    In Zone 1 we have a supple top part to the casing which provides extra grip by allowing each knob to follow the ground asperities almost perfectly and the extra suppleness gives the tire better rolling resistance.

  • Zone 2: Cut Protection

    In Zone 2 the two layers of sidewall reinforcements are positioned perfectly to provide an extremely strong protection against cuts to the sidewalls.

  • Zone 3: Rim Impact Protection

    In Zone 3 the extra strong apex material is specifically shaped to be thick and short in order to create a unique protection against any impact on the walls of the rim.


Our Triple Zone Casing provides more stability in the sidewalls to give you a more predictable and progressive feel when cornering and less opportunity to roll a tire off the rim while allowing the rider to ride at a lower pressure.


    A hard 65A compound in the centre creates a fast and hard wearing tire and with a soft 50A compound on the side knobs it will hold great traction through the corners.


    A softer 60A centre compound provides a great amount of centre grip that still provides good resistance to wear. Our soft 50A compound provides great corner traction which makes it a great option for an aggressive rear tire or a fast but grippy front tyre.


    Our softest and most supple compound with a soft 50A centre and super soft 42A corner knobs make this the best compound for ultimate traction.

  • 915-960 gram

    Ideal for XC and Light Trail riding, the Light construction features a lightweight casing developed to optimize rolling resistance. It has great durability and still provides sidewall cut protection where it’s most needed.

  • 950-1010 gram

    Ideal for Trail & Enduro disciplines, the All-Round construction incorporates our advanced technology to offer the best balance between grip and rolling resistance, as well as durability and protection.

  • 1150-1220 gram

    Ideal for Enduro & Gravity disciplines, the Reinforced construction incorporates our best technology to offer you maximum grip and protection while still maintaining a competitive weight.

  • Light Construction

    Our light construction tire is built for speed and durability. With our hardest dual compound giving you 50a side knobs and a 65a center compound it will take longer to wear but that comes with a slight compromise on grip. This construction is made for long cross country miles at speed. Don’t be fooled though, you’ll have ample grip for the discipline.

  • All-Round Construction

    Our all-round construction tire hits the sweet spot between grip and durability. A slightly harder compound in the center (60a) and side knobs (50a) provide you with the best compromise in grip and durability. Will last longer but will still have ample grip when things get rowdy. Perfect for trail/enduro disciplines that are looking to maximize grip and durability.

  • Reinforced Construction

    Our reinforced construction tire is our race ready tire with an extra soft triple compound to provide the ultimate grip on any terrain but with ultimate grip comes compromise. A softer compound means faster wear due to the extra soft 42a & 50a compounds. Perfect for gravity based disciplines looking for as much grip as possible.

  • Delium MTB Tire Light Construction
  • Delium MTB Tire All-round Construction
  • Delium MTB Tire Reinforced Construction