Delium E-BIKE tires – a fusion of high performance and style.
Each of these 3 tires features an innovative tread pattern tailored for diverse cycling needs, adding a unique touch to your E-BIKE. We integrate advanced technologies into the tires for exceptional reliability and durability; thus ensuring an epic and worry-free biking experience. These tires excel in performance and value, making them a practical upgrade for your E-BIKE.

Low Rolling Resistance
Our high-performance compound is engineered to achieve an optimal balance between speed and grip. This allows the tire to roll effortlessly at top speed across various terrains, while handling uneven surfaces with ease.

Stable Cornering Control
Derived from motorcycle tires, our E-BIKE tires casing has reinforced sidewall to provide the needed stability in cornering control so you can ride with confidence.

Cut Protection
Our tires come in cut protection casing, assuring a dependable and smooth journey. Experience worry-free riding with an added layer of protection.

Dry and Wet Conditions Riding
Navigate in diverse weather conditions with confidence. Each tire pattern has specific grooves designed to ensure optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Available Puncture Protect
Say goodbye to inconvenient flats and hello to uninterrupted rides, as our E-BIKE tires with Puncture Protect keep you rolling smoothly mile after mile.