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Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews

We are stoked to welcome Mark to the Delium crew for 2023. If you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard of Mark, you will have most likely seen one of his epic and beautifully made videos or insane POV's. He combines his talent on two wheels with a passion for thoughtfully crafted trails as a trail builder that helps bring his artistic approach to life when it comes to directing his own masterpiece.

Brady Tweedy

Brady Tweedy spent most of his two wheeled life riding BMX but had always followed the MTB scene. Eventually Freeride caught his eye and he finally jumped over to mtb and was hooked from them on. The similarities of BMX and Freeride made him feel at home straight away with big freeride lines of MTB and big trick combos from his BMX days, it made it an easy transition. Having fun and freeriding is what he loves most and you’ll see him constantly finding creative ways to hit lines and turn a basic trick into something more unique.

Matt Bolton

After moving from Ontario, Canada thanks to seeing the mountain biking scene in Squamish, British Columbia, Matt has managed to build his name off epic and gnarly trail building to then riding his own creations. Steep slabs, huge drops and linking big features together is Matt’s speciality and where he feels at home.

Ryder Bulfone

A phenomenal skier turned mountain biker at the age of 12. Ryder immediately took to two wheels and now searches for some of the most technical lines he can find in his backyard of British Columbia. At the age of just 19 you will see him riding lines many pro’s shy away from and not only that but he rides them with extreme confidence and a calm approach.

Talus Turk

Based out of Bellingham WA which predominantly has more riders coming out with an enduro background, Talus fell into the jump scene that started to grow in 2016 and was able to take a different path, practicing freeride and slopestyle. With a plan to move to Virgin Utah this winter to continue training and riding year round we feel you will be seeing him at more big freeride events in 2022/23.

Jason Gainey

A passion for bikes keeps Jason deep into the cycling community. A volunteer instructor for WSCL youth program, and professional instructor for Fluidride has him focused on riding form. His background in BMX racing and Dirt Jumping, has slowly blended into his MTB riding style and Enduro racing skills. He has spent 40+ years chasing his passion for bikes.

Danielle Bordeleau

Growing up on Vancouver Island it was inevitable that Dani would find herself following a passion on two wheels. Fast forward to 2017 she made the move to Whistler where her passion grew. You can now find her pushing her limits, throwing sick whips and going big in the bikepark and most recently joining the women’s freeride scene as a digger at Redbull Formation. I’m sure it won’t be long until we see her competing herself.

Alex Chapellier

Riding has always been a strong part of Alex. When he was 10 and saw this cool kid doing wheelies at a campground in France, he knew it right away - he wanted a mountain bike with disc brakes. Shortly after, he started racing DH on a dirt jumper. Fast forward 15 years, he made the move to British Columbia, having the most fun shredding on his bike while discovering and riding some of the best trails in the world. As a part time hobby Alex is a videographer for mtb athletes in the sea to sky area.

Camille Blanchard

Camille started his riding career firstly racing DH and then finding himself moving away from the racing scene to pursue what he really loves, freeriding. Riding is a huge part of his life and it’s made easier living in a mecca of mountain bike trails in Switzerland. After all his years mountain biking he’s still stoked to discover new trails, push his limits and learn new tricks. An underrated talent in the mountain bike world. Make sure to check out “Slopeduro Dream Line” on our youtube channel to really get an idea of what Camille is about.

Colin Burgess

After traveling extensively throughout the US with his family, Colin landed in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee and currently calls the city of Chattanooga home. The vibrant outdoor lifestyle, supportive cycling community, and year-round access to trails started Colin’s cycling journey, but an Enduro race in Dec of 2020 on a friend’s borrowed bike, ignited his passion for gravity racing. His is so stoked to be part of the growing DH scene of the Southeast, racing for Huck and Braaap Cycling and training in its national forests and places like Windrock Bike Park. He is currently helping to coach and mentor the Junior Enduro racers on his team, and plans to attend college in the Fall of 2023 with hopes of racing collegiately.

Aiden Burgess

Currently a junior in high school, and younger brother to Colin Burgess, Aidan started racing two years ago with Huck and Braaap Cycling in Chattanooga. When a mentor and team coach volunteered to teach bike maintenance and repair in a garage during the pandemic, Aidan soon found a love for Enduro style technical riding and the technical performance of his bike and its components. He currently balances his academics with racing throughout the Southeast while interning with his local bike shop, Owen Cyclery. Aidan also volunteers with his local IMBA branch, helping to create Chattanooga’s first downhill trails at Walden’s Ridge Park.