Our Adventure

After a couple years of hard work, Delium introduced the Adventure MTB tires in October 2021. Until today, the tires are still considered the best value high-performance MTB tires in the market -- affordable without compromising the performance.

How did we accomplish this? By engaging experienced riders of all skill levels, utilizing our own state-of-the-art production factory, and, as always, incorporating the latest in tire technology. We not only create the best bang for your buck when it comes to tire value, but also focus on product innovation and development as shown in our technology page.

We named our tires based on their functionalities as depicted by the tread designs and construction offerings. This is done so that riders with any skill level can easily identify the tire that suits their riding style and cycling discipline. You can ride with confidence knowing that your tires are built with quality and durability in mind. So come ride with us and get a Grip on Adventure!

MTB Tires

The Adventure Continues...

Introducing Delium E-BIKE tires – a fusion of high performance and style.
Each of these 3 tires features an innovative tread pattern tailored for diverse cycling needs, adding a unique touch to your E-BIKE. We integrate advanced technologies into the tires for exceptional reliability and durability; thus ensuring an epic and worry-free biking experience. These tires excel in performance and value, making them a practical upgrade for your E-BIKE. Ride with Delium E-BIKE tires and get a Grip On Adventure.

E-BIKE Tires

Gear Up For Gravel!

We couldn’t think of a better addition to our high-performance MTB tires as Gravel is the natural extension of adventure spirit. Whether that's for training days, adventure days or opening up routes less traveled there is a gravel tire for everyone.

Gravel Tires